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If you were baptised by immersion, what did you wear?

If you were baptised by total immersion in water, what did you wear?
Swimming costume
Shorts & T-shirt
Blouse & Skirt OR Shirt & Trousers
Business Suit
Guides/GB OR Scout/BB Uniform
School Uniform
Whatever I was wearing on the day!
Baptismal Robe
How did you feel as you walked down into the baptismal pool?
Amazed at what my Lord and Saviour has done for me!
Full of the Holy Spirit!
More alive than I have ever been!
Full of joyful submission to my Redeemer!
How did you feel as you were plunged down under the water and were raised back up out of the water, and stood there in the baptistery all dripping wet?
Born again!
Full of the Holy Spirit!
Ready to live a new life for God!
Excited and so so Happy!
Speaking in tongues!
Completely and totally praising the awesome God with whom I have such an amazing relationship!
Would you recommend total immersion as the best mode of baptism?
Absolutely, it's amazing!
If people feel comfortable with it.
Only if they have to!
Not at all!
What Christian denomination have you been baptised into?
Reformed eg Presbyterian
Mennonite/Radical Reformation
This poll was created on 2008-01-13 00:29:19 by Sarah Gretchen Jones