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Uniform, swimwear, respect and discipline

My 18 year old daughter has got me on to mrpoll and am finding it very interesting. We are very strict Catholics, and was wondering about morals and respect in families.
Are you a parent
I have sons aged and daughters aged
Do you have a strict uniform policy
Yes, full school uniform at all times
Yes, full school uniform on school days only
School uniform for school only
Is it for
Boys only
Girls only
What age does it finish
Do other parents you know have a simlar policy
Yes, just as strict
Yes, more strict
Do your chldren have any casual clothes
Yes, chosen by parent/s
Yes, chosen by child
No, not at all. Uniforms only
Regarding decency and girls, what is your daughter allowed to wear swimming (can choose more than one)
Plain black leotard/catsuit
Other colour leotard/catsuit
Athletic 2 piece
Cup style bikini
Skimpy bikini
Do you allow her to wear the above in public (ie beach, with boys around)
Yes, its ok
No, too much flesh
No, strickly for swimming training away from boys seeing
If you have a boy. What swimwear and why
Black Speedos, as its for training, he's ok with it
Black Speedos, as its for training, he doesn't like the exposure
Other colour Speedos, he's ok with it
Other colour Speedos, as its for training, he doesn't like the exposure
Board shorts, parent choice
Board shorts, his choice
Should both boys and girls have similar policies on school uniform
Boys only
Girl only
Both boys and grls
Girls hair can be scruffy and sexy to other boys/men. If your daughter has long hair how does she wear it
As she likes, usually out and scruffy
Takes care of it, tied back in some way
Ties up in neat ballet bun at all times with bun net
Should children speak only when spoken to as a sign of respect to elders
Yes, its a good idea mine do it
Yes, I think I might start my children doing it
No, too old fashioned
Should it be
Boys only
Girls only
Who should children address as Sir and Ma'am
All adults always
Parents only
No one
Should boys be required to bow
To parents only
To parents and older siblings
To all relatives
To all adults
No, too old fashioned
Just recently, my 18 year od daugter asked if she could kneel in silence to my husband and I for 15 minutes after dinner as a sign of respect. I was very plesantly surprised and have both her and my 15 year old daughter do it together. Is this
A good idea, lucky your girls did it volentarily
A good idea, will be geting my children to do it
Too old fashioned
We have floor boards, we haven't yet (and the girls haven't asked for) but should a mat be provided
No, slight uncomfort shows a higher respect. Wooden boards should be used on carpet
No, they have it lucky, we had to kneel on rice in the old days for punishment
No, only if its more than 15 mins
Is 15 minutes a good amount of time. It seemed to go quickley last night
No, give it 30 min
No, 15 but on rice
Yes, good amount of time
I am a history teacher, and think study is important. How many hours study should a child do per night
5 hr
4 hr
3 hr
2 hr
1 hr
Same on weekends
During the holidays, I have both my daughters doing an essay on history each day for 7 hrs split in half. Is this
Very good idea, they would be just hanging out and wasting time anyway
Good idea, my child/ren will be doing it
Bit tough, half that is ok
No, its the break
This poll was created on 2008-01-16 01:50:54 by bjones