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Logging Challenges Poll

Here is a fun poll that covers the top challenges with logs: from creation to analysis.

What are your top challenges with logs and logging?

16% (11) Logging is not enabled
13% (9) We don't know what logging we must enable to comply with regulations
30% (20) Logs are left at log sources (no log collection)
29% (19) Hard to get logs from some of our systems
9% (6) Political walls does not let us see all the logs we need
43% (28) No infrastructure to manage the log volume we have
47% (31) No way to effectively search all logs
49% (32) We collect logs but don't have time/resources to look at them
13% (9) Nobody knows how to interpret the logs and figure what they mean
40% (26) Lack of log analysis tools
44% (29) No real-time alerting is enabled on logs
18% (12) Secure storage of logs
9% (6) Other

65 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-01-17 22:08:21 by Anton_Chuvakin
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