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Mormonism: Obsessive Christians or Profiteers?

Anyone who responds to this poll must have some knowledge of mormons and their ways. This is for my sosh project, I need mature responses...and at least 30 responses by thuesday
Should Mormonism be abolished from Canada and the US?
Yes, they destroy families and do no good.
No, they keep families and the country together.
Perhaps a few restrictions should be put on their religion.
If yes, what makes you want to abolish their religion from North America?
They brainwash children into thinking the parent that does not believe in Mormonism is evil and turns them against him/her.
Their religion goes against gay/lesbian marriages and stalls the progress of their rights.
They are incredibly racist and encourage extreme racism.
Their religion is just plain weird. They think that by following the WoW(Word of Wisdom) they will each become a god/goddess of their own planet...which will NEVER happen.
Their restrictive rules discourage mormons from entering the real world.
Mormons are sexist and use the system of polygamy. One man has many wives.
They are not true christians. Their beliefs are obscene and they react irrationally to Atheists and their comments.
None of these reasons express what I believe. (You will have a chance to comment on this at the end of the poll)
If no, what makes you oppose to the abolishment of their religion in North America?
They raise children who understand the evils of the world and try to avoid them.
The WoW(Word of Wisdom) encourages people to stay off addictions and keep healthy.
They promote family activities and develop law-abiding citizens.
They try their best to remove threats(gays/lesbians/blacks) and in my opinion, they should have the same rights as normal people do.
None of these choices express what I believe. (You will have a chance to comment on this at the end of the poll)
The moral standards of mormons are beyond that of any normal family or community. They truly believe in family togetherness.
If you think restrictions should be made, what should be done?
Their own restrictions should be removed.
Polygamy should not be allowed.
Stop them from having a say against gays/lesbians.
Stop them from brainwashing children and discuss a way to have a clean divorce between a believer and a non-believer.
None of these are enough. (Express your opinions of what should be done at the end of the poll)
In your opinion, at what age are people the most drawn into Mormonism?
5-15 years old
16-25 years old
26-40 years old
41-50 years old
51-65 years old
66+ years old
For which reasons do you think they are drawn into this religion?
They follow it because their parents have before them.
To gain control over themselves and their family.
To have an answer to the question:"What happens after I die?"
For moral and emotional support.
To fill a void in their life.
Any other comments written here might be used as quotes if appropriate.
This poll was created on 2008-01-19 02:10:44 by Angelsdawn