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Computer Specs

Choose your hardware specs
What speed is your CPU?
66MHZ or below
67MHZ - 100MHZ
101MHZ - 300MHZ
301MHZ - 500MHZ
501MHZ - 700MHZ
701MHZ - 1GHZ
1.1GHZ - 1.9GHZ
2.0GHZ - 2.9GHZ
3GHZ - 3.9GHZ
4GHZ or higher
I have no idea
How large is your Hard Disk Drive?
100 MB or below
101MB - 1GB
1.1GB - 9.9GB
10GB - 19.9GB
20GB - 29.9GB
30GB - 79.9GB
80GB - 120GB
121GB - 500GB
501GB - 1TB
I have no idea
How much ram do you have?
12MB or below
13MB - 32MB
33MB - 64MB
97MB - 128MB
128MB - 256MB
257MB - 512MB
513MB - 1GB
1.1GB - 2GB
2.1GB or more
I dont know?
How many optical drives do you have?
4 or more
I dont know?
What Operating System do you have installed?
This poll was created on 2008-02-06 01:37:46 by Jon Gutapfel