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Roman Catholic

What do you think the Catholic Church teaches?
What do you think the Catholic Church teaches. This is mainly for non Catholics. But Catholic input is welcome.
I am Catholic
I am not Catholic
Mary is equal to Christ
The Pope can never sin
Abortion is always wrong
Priests charge for confession
Bishops have horns
That is why they wear mitires
All nuns beat kids in school
There is one God
Jesus Christ is God
The Holy Spirit is God
The Catholic Church is true
All non Catholics go to hell
Transubstantion is real
There is a heaven
There is a hell
There is a purgatory
Priests never go to confession
Priests have affairs witn nuns
Priests tell us how to vote
Bishops tell us how to vote
Church Law superceeds all law
Men are superior to women
The Pope can never be wrong
The Pope is inafallable
All people should be loved
Bad people can be hated
Christ rose from the dead
Christ will return
Mass is offered to God
Mass is offered to Mary
Communion is total God
There have been bad popes
John Paul is a good pope
Most priests are gay
Most priests are heterosxual
Catholics pay for confesson
The death penalty is wrong
Divorce and remarriage are ok
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