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What super power would you have? (Poll by blackninja133)

This poll is deadicated to Bob, who died recently by crashing into an ambalance.
How would you use your powers?
I would use my powers for good.
I would use my powers for evil!
I would use my powers for personal gain.
I would use my powers for a mixture of good and evil.
I would use my powers for a mixture of good and personal gain.
I would use my powers for a mixture of evil and personal gain.
I would use my powers for a mixture of all three (?)
I wouldn't use my powers, I would keep them a secret, and never use them.
What ONE power would you have?
fire conjuring, like the human torch, this also means you can fly.
Ice conjuring, like Iceman!
telecanisis of metal elemants, like magneto.
shapeshifting, like Mystique from the Brotherhood of evil mutants, you know, from the X-men movies?
Super strengh, like the Incredible Hulk.
Super Speed, like the flash
The ability to control gravity in certain areas, this means you can manipulate the graviy of your house with affecting the graivity outside. This also means you can fly, make other people/objects fly. It's a mixture of flying and telecansis.
Martial Arts master, like ninjas!
Electricity conjuring, like Johhny Ohm.
Spider powers, like spider-man.
I would have an Iron Suit and lots of Gadgets, no powers, like iron man, and batman.
Be able to heal, like Clarie from Heroes on nbc.
Time travel, like Hiro Nakamura from heroes on nbc.
Immortality, like Adam from Heroes, I think, I haven't seen the second season, it hasn't come to England yet.
Mass manipulation; "Ability to increase or decrease mass in an object or person"
Intangibility or phasing. This is D.L.s power from Heroes. Walking through walls.
Telepathy, like Matt Parkman from Heroes.
Mediumship; "Ability to see and communicate with the dead"
Superhuman intelligence. if you don't know what THAT means, then you could do with it!
Invisibility! That might be fun...
power to generate bright bursts of multi-colored energy plasmoids from your fingertips, like Jubliee.
Other power? Post it, I can't give all 93 known powers!
If there is a power that HAS to be in the last Q that you want, post it please
Did you like this poll?
yes, blackninja133, you are so cool! :)
What would your costume be like?
My super hero/ villian name would be .
This super- fly poll was .
This poll was created on 2008-03-02 12:45:09 by Blackninja133