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Everyone: Do you belive in "God"? (Poll by blackninja133)

God... Who is he? Why is he? When is he? No-one really knows for certain... or do they?
Do you belive in the concept that there is a "God"?
Yes. I'm a thiest. {One that belives in God}
No. I'm an athiest.
I think that no-one can ever know. we are not supposed to know, so why should we?
I'm a spiritual Atheist.
Other response? Tick here, Please post.
please Post what you think.
No, because I'm so arrigant that I'm just going to ignore what contradicts with what I believe, and give no-one else a chance to talk without me quoting bible verses in their face. I always try to convert non-believers, because what others believe is wrong, and what I believe is right. No questions. Nothing else.
Where do we go when we die?
Nowhere, we just rot in the ground.
We go to "heaven". YOU go to hell.
Pergatory, followed by heaven
We get born again as a new person (this is known as a long word beginning with R, but I can't spell it).
No-one knows. No-one has ever come back.
Other? post it.
This poll was created on 2008-03-08 15:28:42 by Blackninja133