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Hey! I made this poll to find out info for my essay on Church's effect on society. Thankyou for your time!

Has your life been in some way, either positively or negatively, been affected by the Church, Christians, Jesus, God, or other things related?

43% (13) Of course! I can’t breathe a day without it somehow popping up!
23% (7) Yes, there have been a couple times, and I can remember it pretty clearly
6% (2) Sort of, but only on occasion
13% (4) Um not really there hasn’t really been that much mention of these things in my life
13% (4) No, I have no idea what you are talking about

30 voters have answered this question.

Have you ever been asked if you believe in God/Jesus?

70% (21) Yes, many times
16% (5) I think only a couple times
13% (4) Like once or twice
0% (0) No

30 voters have answered this question.

Have you ever attended a church?

30% (9) Every week
30% (9) Once and a while
6% (2) Only on holidays
20% (6) Never
13% (4) I am in a different religion, I attend something else

30 voters have answered this question.

What exactly do you think of Church in general?

10% (3) I think that it is all awesome
6% (2) Its ok, but there is a little something missing
30% (9) I think there are some good churches, and some not so good ones
6% (2) I don’t really have an opinion on it
46% (14) They are all full of hypocrites

30 voters have answered this question.

If someone you knew said “Hey, do you want to check out my church?”, what would you say?

6% (2) “Sure, why not, I actually have some questions about faith”
33% (10) Depends what type of church it is and who’s asking
33% (10) “Sorry, I don’t really want to”
26% (8) Pshht NO, Freak

30 voters have answered this question.

Do you think churches are good for society?

30% (9) Yes, they provide a place to go for people who are spiritually hurting or finding a direction in life
0% (0) They have good humanitarian aid, charity, and volunteer programs
30% (9) Some Churches are awesome and help a lot of people, however some are greedy and only care about themselves
13% (4) Churches don’t really do much for society, they are just there
26% (8) Churches are dumb and boring and are no help to anyone

30 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-03-17 00:22:45 by wingsofsymphony
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