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Are you Tech Saavy

Computer buying habits, knowledge of systems.

How comfortable are you with buying a PC?

62% (15) Very Comfortable. I know what I am looking for and what I want in my PC.
29% (7) Soemwhat comfortable. I have an idea what I need but I don't know the ins and outs
4% (1) Somewhat Uncomfortable. I barely have a clue, but if the salesperson is knowlegable, then I think I can get what I need.
4% (1) Very uncomfortable. I have no clue what I am looking for. If I went, someone should go with me.

24 voters have answered this question.

How much should you think one should have to pay for a new PC?

4% (1) $2000
12% (3) $1500
54% (13) $1000
29% (7) $500

24 voters have answered this question.

What do you think is your biggest problem with your PC knowledge?

4% (1) Navigating the internet
19% (4) Doing maintenance (anti virus software and anti spyware) on my machine to keep my machine running smothly
14% (3) Installing programs on my PC.
28% (6) Installing hardware (memory chips, video cards, etc) inside my machine.
33% (7) Networking 2 or more PCs in my house so that I can move files from machine to machine.

21 voters have answered this question.

Within the next few months, what do you plan on spending money PC wise, on?

18% (4) A new PC
50% (11) Upgrading hardware (processor, video card, memory)
13% (3) Anti spyware and anti virus software
4% (1) A new operating system (XP or Vista or Mac OS)
13% (3) Backing up my data

22 voters have answered this question.

What other gadgets do you own that are attached to your PC? (Pick all that apply)

66% (16) mp3 player
25% (6) video game system
16% (4) HDTV
66% (16) Digital Camera
91% (22) Printer

24 voters have answered this question.

When purchasing new electronics, which of these choices best describe you?

73% (17) I consider myself well informed. I read reviews of the items I plan to buy. I sometimes wish that salesclerks are as knowlegable.
21% (5) I am somewhat informed. I don't usually read about what I want and I go by what either friends say or I ask the salesclerk
4% (1) I am more of a trend buyer. I may ask a few questions, and then I buy and pray for the best.
0% (0) I am an impulse buyer. I get it and if it doesn't work for me I take it back.

23 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-03-25 11:46:32 by Questioning Mindz
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