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A Clockwork Orange vs Straw Dogs

Two controversial films released in 1971. Both were criticised for their extreme violence particularly sexual violence as both films contained rape scenes. As a result both were banned in the UK for many years but have been re-released since it is the 21st century and times have changed. Having said that I prefer A Clockwork Orange because despite the brutality, there were some comic elements and it did make you feel sorry for Alex despite his thuggery. I felt that Staw Dogs was more nastier despite the talents of Dustin Hoffman and Susan George. What do you think?
What film is better?
A Clockwork Orange
Straw Dogs
Which actor is better?
Malcolm McDowell
Dustin Hoffman
Which character was better?
Alex Delarge
David Sumner
Which scene is more notorious?
The 'Singing in the Rain' rape scene from A Clockwork Orange
The brutal double rape of Amy Sumner from Straw Dogs
Which film was nastier?
A Clockwork Orange
Straw Dogs
Which director was better?
Stanley Kubrick
Sam Peckinpah
This poll was created on 2008-04-06 12:29:09 by Floyd Pinkerton