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subway grinding

FOR WOMEN ONLY: Almost every female city dweller who's commuted by subway has at some point had the experience of being groped or grinded against. Many gals find this disgusting or offensive. But are some women actually turned on?
You are riding a jam-packed subway train, crammed in sardine style, when you suddenly feel that the guy behind you has sprouted an erection -- logjammed snugly between your butt cheeks. The stranger's "junk" is actually a good bit larger than your husband's or boyfriend's. What emotion are you most likely to feel?
As the train rumbles along, the guy uses the rocking motion as an excuse to rythmically pump your buttocks -- so basically he's dry humping you now. Your reaction is to...
Scream like a banshee for a transit cop
Elbow the guy in the gut
Ignore him
Stick out your fanny and grind subtley back against him
As the train approaches your station, you can feel the rush-hour Romeo grinding against you with increased urgency and you realize he's about to climax. Your reaction is to
Tuck in your tush in dismay
Bend slightly forward and back that thing up
Unzip his trousers and finish him off with your hand
Your experience could best be described as
A traumatic "mini-rape"
A minor annoyance
A mildly titillating incident
A highly memorable sexual encounter
You view this guy as
A revolting sex fiend
A run-of-mill pervert
A horny, ordinary Joe taking advantage of a situation
A sly seducer
Who would you be likely to tell about this encounter?
My co-workers as soon as I got to work
My close girlfriends
My husband or boyfriend
No one
This poll was created on 2008-05-08 22:04:28 by funny guy