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Server Choice for Age of Conan EA

[US] Which Early Access PVE Server will you choose ?
Set [PVE]
Dagoth [PVE]
Zug [PVE]
Omm [PVE]
Derketo [PVE]
Thog [PVE]
Wiccana [PVE]
Gwahlur [PVE]
Anu [PVE]
I will not be playing on a PVE server
[US] Which Early Access PVP Server will you choose ?
Tyranny [PVP]
Bane [PVP]
Deathwhisper [PVP]
Bloodspire [PVP]
Doomsayer [PVP]
I will not be playing on a PVP server
[US] Which Early Access RP-PVP Server will you choose ?
Cimmeria [RP-PVP]
I will not be play on RP-PVP Server
This poll was created on 2008-05-16 02:44:51 by smashhell