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Ninja Poll 124: Modern Art

NINJAS! Hello! This is my poll on Modern Art, which you could probably guess from the ever so creative title. This is also the second in the Picture Poll seris. (See message forum after this)
Look at this:----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------How would you rate this?
5/5- Super Amazing!
4/5- Pretty Cool.
3/5- OK
2/5- Nothing Special
1/5- bad
5/5- Ultra Fantastic!
4/5- Pretty Good.
3/5- OK
2/5- Not that Great.
1/5- poor
5/5- So Creative!
4/5- Really Good.
3/5- OK
2/5- quite awful
1/5- awful
5/5- Unbelievable!!
4/5- Really Great.
3/5- Fine.
2/5- not fine.
1/5- poor
5/5- Ultra Fantastic!
4/5- Great.
3/5- Not Bad.
2/5- not so great
1/5- bad
How did you like this poll?
Super Amazing!
Really Great.
not worth doing
This poll was created on 2008-05-21 15:35:19 by Blackninja133