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batman characters FACE OFF

So I ended up on the wikipedia page for batman characters the other day... for the fifth time. Finding out some new info about the comics, I decided to make this poll. This is a tournament of 50 different villains and supporting characters from the batman comics(& a few from the animated series). The winner will then be pitted against batman himself. It'll be up to you to decide who gets there...
Match #1
Deadshot(Floyd Lawton)
Deathstroke the Terminator(Slade Wilson)
Match #2
Joe Chill
Detective Jason Bard
Match #3
The Phantasm(Andrea Beaumont)
Talia al Ghul
Match #4
Black Mask(Roman Sionis)
Anarky(Lonnie Machin)
Match #5
Lady Shiva(Sandra Wu-san)
The Huntress(Helena Bertinelli)
Match #6
The Joker(Jack "Napier")
Killer Moth(Drury Walker)
Match #7
The Clock King(Temple Fugate)
The Mad Hatter(Jervis Tetch)
Match #8
Killer Croc(Waylon Jones)
Match #9
Azrael(Jean-Paul Valley)
Terry Mcginnis(Batman "Beyond")
Match #10
Ra's al Ghul
Detective Harvey Bullock
Match #11
Detective Renee Montoya(The Question 2)
Batwoman(Katherine Kane)
Match #12
Tim Drake(Robin 3)
Carmine "The Roman" Falcone
Match #13
Dr. Hugo Strange
Lucius Fox
Match #14
The Riddler(Edward Nigma)
The Ventriloquist(Arnold Wesker)
Match #15
The Penguin(Oswald Copplepot)
Mr. Zsasz(Victor Zsasz)
Match #16
Jason Todd(Robin 2/Red Hood)
Stephanie Brown(Robin 4/The Spoiler)
Match #17
Commissioner Jim Gordon
Zatanna(Zatanna Zatara)
Match #18
Catwoman(Selena Kyle)
Firefly(Garfield Lynns)
Match #19
Two-Face(Harvey Dent)
Hush(Thomas Elliot)
Match #20
Man-Bat(Dr. Kirk Langstrom)
Clayface(Matt Hagen)
Match #21
Poison Ivy(Pamela Isley)
Harley Quinn(Dr. Harleen Quinzel)
Match #22
Mr. Freeze(Dr. Victor Fries)
Maxie Zeus(Maximillian Zeus)
Match #23
Dick Grayson(Robin 1/Nightwing)
Scarecrow(Professor Jonathan Crane)
Match #24
Count Vertigo
Alfred Pennyworth
Match #25
Barbara Gordon(Batgirl 2/The Oracle)
Cassandra Cain(Batgirl 4)
This poll was created on 2008-06-08 04:48:16 by half-silver28