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Lion King Movies

A poll about.... *take a guess*............ You guessed it! (I hope)
Have you seen Lion King?
No, please leave
Which is your favorite?
The First, it's origional!
Simba's Pride, it's a great sequal
Why choose, they're all awesome!
Who is your favorite character?
Uncle Max
3rd Meerkat on the left in TLK 1-1/2
Is Kovu cooler with or without his scar?
He looks cooler with it, it's like a mark of his man, uh, lionhood
He looks better before he got his scar, it's just a reminder of his mother's hate
He's awesome no matter what!
Is Simba too overprotective in the second movie?
No, it's totally understandable where it comes from
Yes, he should have been more trusting
He was being a good father!
Who would win in a fight, Simba or Mufasa (assuming Mufasa's alive and they're both adults)
Totally Mufasa, Long Live the King
Simba all the way!
Why fight, they should go hang out, Mufasa's alive and life's too short to fight
Vitani and Nala would walk and beat them both and then they'd drag Kovu in and whoop his butt too! Lionesses rule!!!!!
How about Simba and Nala vs. Kovu and Kiara
Simba and Nala, they are more experienced and they are Kovu's and Kiara's parents so they win automatically
Kovu and Kiara could take their parents down
Still votin Vitani
(Probably a question for the girls) Is Kovu cuter as a cub or an adolescent lion?
He's so cute as a cub!
He's way cute when he's all grown up
Cute, what about just good lookin
He's a cute cub!
As an adult, he's way cute
He's just hot!!!! Go Simba!!!
Who wins the fight, Kovu vs. Simba (I know how this one will most likely turn out.... give Kovu a chance)
Simba, because he's king and could totally whoop Kovu's rump
Kovu, because he's been trained his whole life how fight and specifically how to get at Simba
How would the fight go?
Simba would instantly pin Kovu and make him beg for mercy
Kovu would use his smaller size to dodge around Simba, trip him up and pin him
Simba would use his size and strength to throw off Kovu if he got pinned and he would just eventually corner Kovu and pin him, or just lay on him, or wail on him....
Kovu would use his training and pull out an awesome move to take down the king
I still think Vitani and Nala would walk in and beat them both. They'd pin 'em and beat them up and humiliate them until they gave in to the power of the lionesses
OK, how about Nala vs. Vitani
Nala would totally win this fight
Vitani is too tough for Nala
Hello!!!! Haven't you been listening!!!! They'd team up and wail on the guys!
For those of you whove been voting for the girls, how about this: Sarabi + Nala + Vitani + Kiara vs. Mufasa + Simba + Kovu + Scar
Lionesses would take the males easily, that's not even a tough fight there!
The males could win this one, it's just a bunch of girls
Now I want to know, how would this fight go?
Sarabi would take on Mufasa while Nala pins Simba (as she does in every movie) and Kiara and Vitani would team up on Kovu after quickly taking Scar out of the fight. Mufasa would eventually lose to Sarabi, Simba's already down for the count and Kovu would get destroyed by Vitani and Kiara
I'll post on how the lionesses win this one!
Mufasa would be able to take Sarabi, and Scar is not as weak as he looks, he's got cunning and Kovu can protect him in the beginning. I say Kiara gets taken out early by Kovu who will either help Simba take on Nala or help Scar take on Vitani.
I'll post about how the males kick some butt!
Who makes the best couple?
Simba and Nala
Kovu and Kiara
Mufasa and Sarabi
Scar and Zira
Timon and Pumbaa
Do you think Scar is Kovu's father?
No, because it would be incest and the producers said Scar was not Kovu's father!!!!
Yes, just because
(This question actualy came up on a website I've seen.... I have to see what reaction this gets) Which male do you think might be holding back certain feelings towards other males?
Who does he have feelings towards?
Who is the coolest?
Is Kovu Kiara's "Bad Boy?"
Heck yah! She owns him all the way!
Yes, he's hot/cool
No, he's too pure hearted
Have you figured out Kovu's my favorite character yet?
Yah, it was obvious
Of course I did.......
No, but I wasn't really paying that close attention
Do you "Like,Like" him? ;)
He's pretty cool
I still say Nala and Vitani whoop his butt regularly, and I'm sure Simba puts him in his place too!
If you chose that last option, do you not like Kovu?
I hate him
I like him, but he's a wimp
I'm just stating the facts! Simba might feel threatened by your favorite character
I was joking!
Hey, I know those girls spank him daily and I'm sure they work over the other guys when necessary
Seriously now, who makes the best king?
Kovu (theoretically)
This poll was created on 2008-06-13 22:00:19 by CallofDutyVeteran