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Male frontal nudity on film

Female frontal nudity seems to be more accepted than male frontal nudity in movies, particularly in American movies. What do you think on the subject?
Which of the following reflects your opinion on male frontal nudity on film?
It should never be allowed
There is too much of it
There is just the right amount of it
There should be more of it
If you knew a film would contain male frontal nudity, would you:
Refuse to see it
See it, but be disgusted
See it and not mind
Make a point to see it
How would you feel about an actor showing an erection in a full frontal nude scene?
It would be great!
I couldn't care less
It shouldn't be allowed
Would you find male frontal nudity in a heterosexual love scene more acceptable than in a gay love scene?
Yes, more acceptable
Equally acceptable
Equally unacceptable
Less acceptable
Are you:
A straight male
A gay male
A bisexual male
A straight woman
A lesbian
A bisexual woman
This poll was created on 2001-08-16 20:38:39 by tallactorguy