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Saints, Mary and you (for Catholics only)

I want to see what the actual beliefs of Catholics are regarding prayer and the intercession of the saints, a theological issue that separates Catholics from Protestants.
Do you ever pray to a saint or saints?
Do you ever pray to the Virgin Mary?
If you pray to the Virgin Mary, do you regard her as....
...the greatest saint, but still a saint?
...something more than a saint?
...a goddess?
...something else
When you pray to a saint or the Virgin Mary, do you...
...specifically ask them to pray for you, or intercede for you, to God?
...or do you believe the saints have power of their own and ask them directly to perform some task or service for you? (e.g. Dear St. Anthony, please heal my cancer?")
...something else
If you pray to a saint or the Virgin Mary, can you explain why you pray to them rather than to God Himself?
This poll was created on 2008-08-03 15:43:49 by JC74si