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Ninja Poll 144: Painting

Painting. It seems that only a tiny select few in the world population are good at it and can paint something to make us "WOW!", but how well can we paint? If so, how good? Can we ever find the time to get out the brushes and unleash a world of talent onto a blank canvas? This poll explores the painting feasco around you. Enjoy.
Who are you?
Man, 0-17
Man, 18-29
Man, 30+
Woman, 0-17
Woman, 18-29
Woman, 30+
Did you do a lot of art when you were younger?
No, not really.
Kind of.
Quite a lot.
Nearly Every day.
Were you any good in any art classes?
Not at all.
Not really....
A bit good, better than most kids, anyway.
Top of the class!
Which type of painting looks best?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Brush Painting.
Western Painting
Acrylic Paint
Watercolour Painting (Shown)
Oil Painting
I have absolutly no idea!
What kind of Painting is this (if you don't know, guess!)?
Brush Painting
Western Painting
Acrylic Paint
Watercolour Painting
Oil Painting
How good are your painting skills on a scale of 1-5?
Why do you paint?
I don't!
To Express Emotion in the form of a picture.
To Make Money.
To Pass Time.
To put Something nice in a room.
To Waste the Paint I have.
To show off.
Best thing to have on a wall?
A Mooses Head.
Thanks for taking my poll. Please Share your thoughts in the message forum, and have a nice day.
Super Amazing Poll!
Really Good Poll!
This poll was created on 2008-08-22 18:13:14 by Blackninja133