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Who is Jesus?

Some people say that Jesus is God, others say that he was a prophet, some say that he was a lunatic. What do you believe?
Did Jesus exist?
I don't know
Some believe that Jesus was the most influential man that ever lived. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Many people and religions debate who Jesus was or is. Some say that He is the Son of God, some say He was a prophet, others would say an angel and there would be some that say he was a lunatic. Who do you say Jesus is or was?
Son of God
Which of the following statements comes closest to your belief about God. Jesus is the one and only way to God, or there are many ways to God?
Jesus is the one and only way
There are many ways
There is no God
Is Jesus no different than Buddha or Muhammad or all of the other great prophets that started the world’s most popular religions?
Jesus is different
Jesus is God
Jesus is the same as
Jesus claimed to live a sinless life. Do you believe this?
I don't know
Jesus also claimed that he would die and come back to life. After Jesus death on the cross do you believe that His body was stolen from the grave, or He rose form the dead?
Body was stolen
Jesus rose from the dead
Did Jesus perform miracles or were they just good tricks?
Good tricks
I don't know
I need Jesus?
Some say that they do not need Jesus to get to Heaven. They say that just being a good person will give them entrance. Others say that all people will go to heaven or that there is no heaven. What do you believe?
All people go to Heaven
You only need to be good to go
Jesus is the only way
There is no Heaven
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