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Do you "Really" read the Bible for yourself? Nearly all Christian Churchs follow a false doctrine or flesh created tradition! We must praise the Lord, and read for ourselves!
What does being Saved mean?
Guaranteed Ticket to Heaven.
Being brought Sound with God.
Grace based on Behavior.
How do I become Born-Again?
1. Confess Jesus is Messiah.
2. Repent Sins/Water Baptism.
3. Filled with the Holy Ghost.
4. All the above.
What is Speaking in Tongues?
1. Evidence of the Holy Ghost.
2. Holy Ghost talk to my Spirit.
3. Praying in the Holy Spirit.
4. Prophesy with Interpretaion.
5. All of the above.
What is the Great Commission?
1. Getting sinners Saved?
2. Proclaim the Gospel?
3. Develop Mature Disciples?
4. Numbers 2 and 3?
5. All the above?
What is The Gospel?
1. Matthew, Mark, Luke & John?
2. Jesus died, buried & raised?
3. The Law of Moses?
4. Sermons at the Service?
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