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Secure operative system

Would you mind flying to the moon in a vehicle controlled by any of the operative systems mentioned?

Would you gladly say yes to flying to the moon if?

60% (31) The vehicle is controlled by Linux?
9% (5) The vehicle is controlled by Windows (not standard Windows, we are speaking about a new experimental version, named Singularity, claimed to be very secure)?
33% (17) MacOSX?
19% (10) FreeBSD?
17% (9) OpenSolaris?
3% (2) Standard Windows XP?
7% (4) Standard Windows Vista?
15% (8) Are you considered being very brave?
13% (7) I would prefer the vehicle be controlled by another OS?
11% (6) I would not say yes to fly to the moon, independently of OS?

51 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-11-20 15:21:05 by Roland Orre
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