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Sailor Moon Poll 231

A poll about Sailor Moon, and a bit of it includes Sailor Moon R. The 231 is just to distinguish it from other Sailor Moon polls.
Who is your favorite Sailor Scout?
Sailor Moon (Serena)
Sailor Mercury (Amy)
Sailor Mars (Raye)
Sailor Jupiter (Lita)
Sailor Venus (Mina)
Who is your favorite guardian cat?
Who is your favorite of the Negaverse generals?
Which attack is the coolest?
Moon Tiara Magic
Mercury Bubbles Blast
Mars Fire Ignite
Jupiter Thunder Crush
Venus Crescent Beam Smash
Cosmic Moon Power
Who did the worst job?
Jedite, collecting energy from several people
Neflite, collecting energy from one person
Zoycite, collecting all the Rainbow Crystals (excluding her double cross with Darien)
Malachite, trying to find Sailor Moon
Who is your favorite Nega Moon member?
Wiseman (Doom Phantom)
Prince Diamond
Whose death scene was your favorite?
Jedite getting condemned to Eternal Sleep
Zoycite getting killed by Queen Beryl
Malachite getting killed with his own attack by Sailor Moon
Queen Beryl and the Negaforce being destroyed by Princess Serena
Rubeus's ship blowing up with him trapped inside it
Emerald getting turned to a dragon, killed by Sailor Moon, and condemned to "the void"
Wiseman being disintegrated by Princess Serena and Rini
Whose death scene was the saddest?
Neflite getting killed by Zoycite's monsters
Zoycite getting killed by Queen Beryl
Sapphire getting killed by Wiseman
Prince Diamond sacrificing himself to save Sailor Moon from Wiseman
Do you think Molly and Melvin are really Queen Beryl and Malachite?
No, DUH! Molly and Melvin are around in Sailor Moon R, and Beryl and Malachite both died before that
Whose transformation sequence is cooler?
Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus
Tuxedo Mask
How do YOU spell her name?
Do you think Jedite will ever return?
Should Malachite have turned on Queen Beryl when she killed Zoycite?
Yes, Malachite is way stronger than her.
No. Regardless of his strength, if he hadn't remained loyal to her she could've put him into an Eternal Sleep like Jedite
This poll was created on 2008-12-05 22:20:16 by Ghostkaiba297