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Who is the best QB out of these 5?
Brett Favre
Drew Brees
Peyton Manning
Tony Romo
Tom Brady
Who's the worst starting QB in the league?
Tyler Thigpen
Kyle Orton
Dan Orlovsky
Shaun Hill
JaMarcus Russell
Most overrated QB in the NFL?
JaMarcus Russell
Tavaris Jackson
Matt Leinart
Brady Quinn
Vince Young
Most underrated QB in the NFL?
Marc Bulger
Chad Pennington
Jeff Garcia
Jay Cutler
Kerry Collins
Which current college QB will be the better QB in the NFL?
Sam Bradford
Tim Tebow
Mark Sanchez
Colt McCoy
Graham Harrell
Best backup QB in the NFL?
Gus Frerotte
David Carr
Matt Cassel
Brian Griese
Sage Rosenfels
Worst backup QB
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Andrew Walter
Jim Sorgi
JP Losman
Kyle Boller
Finally, what do the Lions need to draft with their first pick?
An offensive playmaker: QB, HB, WR, FB, or TE
Offensive Lineman
Defensive Lineman
Anyone in the Secondary
Special teams
They need a complete coaching change before they even think of the draft
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