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Girls, Tight Jeans, and Panties

What type of panties and Jeans Do you wear
How do you wear your jeans?
A. Tight
B. Very tight
C. Snug
D. Loose
What style jeans do you wear?
A. Regular Classic Fit
B. Low-Ride
C. Very Low-Ride
What Styly panties do you wear under your jeans?
A. Thong
B. Bikini
C. String Bikini
D. Brief
E. Boy Short
F. String Bikini
What type of material are your panties that you always wear under your jeans?
A. Cotton
B. Nylon/Spandex/Lycra
C. See-Thru
D. Silk
E. None
Do you like your pantie lines to show when wearing your jeans if wearing bikinis?
A. Of Course
B. No
C. Sometimes, depends what mood I'm in
D. Don't Care about pantylines
Wen you bend down do you....
A. Want guys to see your panties
B. Make sure guys can't see your panties
C. Can't help your panties to show because of the style of jeans worn
D. Undecided
What material do you like your jeans to be?
A. Hip-hugger
B. Stretch only
C. Stretch and Hip-hugger
D. Skinny jeans
What do you want guys to see about the jeans you wear?
A. Your figure
B. Your butt only
C. Your pantylines only
D. Everything about you
What do you want guys to pay more attention to?
A. The Jeans you wear
B. Your entire wardrobe
C. Your hair only
D. What is in your heart (the real you) and not just your clothes
This poll was created on 2009-01-03 17:12:47 by The Movies