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Should white males be enslaved

Why should white males be enslaved?
Because they enslaved and oppressed all the other groups in America
Because if we don’t we will never be free of white male domination
Because they are the only group who deserves to be enslaved
It would be fun
What are the advantages of enslaving white men?
White women and minorities will no longer be oppressed
White women and minorities will have the power that they rightfully deserve
America will be purged of white male supremacy
White males will finally be made to pay for their crimes
With white males out of the way who should rule America?
White Females
African Americans
Native Americans
Who should oversee the enslavement of white males?
White Females
African Americans
Native Americans
Once all the white American males have been enslaved, just for the fun of it America should pressure which other countries to enslave their white males as well?
All white British males
All white European males
All white Canadian males
All white Australian and New Zealand males
All of the above
What clothing should the white males be allowed to wear?
Socks only
Under pants only
No clothing at all
What should the new American leadership do with all the white male slaves?
Make them do all the derogatory work that white males always forced minorities to do
Sell them to African countries so that they could rebuild the continent that they helped destroy
Both of the above
This poll was created on 2009-01-20 15:58:31 by herra