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Bear, or Twink? Muscles or Thin?

What kind of guy turns you on?
How much body hair is too much?
No Body Hair for me!
A bit of fur on the chest and legs.
Hairy chest and belly, butt and legs
Hairy chest, belly, butt, legs and arms.
Give me a bear!
You like muscles?
A nice, thin build.
Some medium muscle tone.
Stocky / beefy.
I want a definite jock.
Show me the beef!
What's your favorite part to "check out" on a guy?
Feet (kinky!)
How "butch" do you want him?
Give me a caveman!
A nice cop . . that's all.
Casual, somewhat masculine
Sweet, with a hint of "guy stuff"
Hold your hems, Mary - he's gayer than Christmas!
Just Jack
This poll was created on 2000-06-27 01:48:32 by MPC1636777242