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Buy american

Tired of hearing "Made in America" I want to here Made BY America! We are in works to start a new appliance and household goods outlet that makes every day items (Toasters, towels, microwaves, calculators, radios, Coffee Makers Stuff people use every day ..) that are Made BY Americans! 100% no imported parts! We want parts to be purchased and manufactured from a company in the U.S.! EVERY Single Piece MUST come from USA Manufactures NOTHING OVER SEAS!!!! I don't want it "Made in America" with Chinese parts... I want it "Made BY America" with AMERICAN PARTS! In order to get backing, and support, we need figures and a HUGE VOICE! We need supporters to get this ball rolling! I am just an average joe with a real simple way to boost jobs across the US by making everyday household products For the U.S. by the U.S.! Are you with me!!!???
Would you be willing to purchase a product at a slightly HIGHER cost knowing that 100% of the parts were MANUFACTURED and ASSEMBLED in the Unites States by U.S. Workers?
How much MORE would you be willing to spend Knowing the product was made 100% by the Unites States?
If you knew Every Product we sell is made 100% by the U.S. for the U.S. would you tell friends and family to purchase our products?
We need as much help and input as we can get! We want the U.S. Government and Public to take Notice! If you have any other Comment's or Suggestions to Help bring back "Made BY America", please type them here: THANK YOU!
This poll was created on 2009-02-14 18:11:13 by 4USbyUS