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Teen Girl movie scenes (girls only)

Auditioning in scary movie
The killer in the movie strangles young teens. Can you act?
In scenes of the movie, can you act like you are being strangled?
Do you know how to cross your eyes?
How long can you keep your eyes crossed?
A. 10 seconds
B. 15 seconds
B. 20 seconds
C. 25 seconds
How long can you keep your eyes open without blinking?
A. 5 seconds
B. 10 seconds
C. 15 seconds
D. 20 seconds
What outfit would you wear for the scene?
A. Tight jeans and t-shirt
B. Short skirt and t-shirt
C. School uniform jumper dress and stockings
How would you act in the scene?
A. kicking and screaming
B. clawing at the cord
C. all of the above
How would you look dead in the movie scene?
A. Eyes looking upward
B. Eyes crossed and tongue out
C. Eyes looking left
D. Eyes looking straight ahead into space
What else could you add to the scene to make it suspenful?
This poll was created on 2009-02-14 22:53:04 by The Movies