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A question for believers

Many religions, particularly the monotheistic variety, claim in their texts that their god(s) is/are the sole arbiter(s) of right and wrong; thus, he/she/it/they also claim exclusive right to reward or punish their worshippers based on the conduct of those worshippers' lives.

So, what I'm wondering is:

What if instead your god(s) stated that because he/she/it/they created the universe and all life in it (including yours), they demand worship, loyalty and complete adherence to their moral and ethical commandments based on that sole reason, and that your reward or punishment will be this life; there will be no afterlife or reincarnation, much less any supernatural carrot or stick. Would you still continue to worship that/those god(s)?

And, please...be honest.

This poll was created on 2009-02-19 15:45:12 by Free Your Mind