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Nip/Tuck Movie

I am just wondering what people would think if they did do a Nip/Tuck movie. I appreciate any and all feedback!
Point blank... Would you watch a Nip/Tuck movie?
Do you like Nip/Tuck as a show?
Would it be better to do a Nip/Tuck movie at the end of the series or in between?
After the show ends
What would you like to see if it is made a movie...make up a plot line for me!
Which of these characters would you want to show in a Nip/Tuck movie? Click on the ones that apply.
Christian Troy (Doc)
Sean McNamara (Doc)
Julia McNamara (Seans ex wife)
Matt McNamara (Sean, Christian, and Julias oldest son)
Kimber Henry (Matt, Seans, and Christians ex girlfriend)
Jenna McNamara (Matt and Kimbers daughter)
Connor McNamara (Sean and Julias youngest son)
Annie McNamara (Sean and Julias daughter)
Liz Cruz (Anesthesiologist)
Teddy Rowe (New Anesthesiologist)
Eden Lord (Seans ex girlfriend/fling)
Olivia Lord (Julias ex girlfriend and Edens mom)
Aiden Stone (Starred next to Sean in faux doctor drama show Hearts N Scalpals)
Ava Moore (Matts ex girlfriend)(transvestite from season 2)
Dawn Budge (Lottery winner)(Rosie O Donalds character)
Michelle (Christians ex fiancee from season 4)
Wilbur Troy (Christians non-biological child)
Gina Russo (Wilburs mom and Christians ex girlfriend)(She died in season 5.1 but I loved her and it is Nip/Tuck so you never know)
Coleen (Stalker who tried to kill Sean)
Gala Gallardo (Escobars wife and killer)
Escobar Gallardo (Drug and organ trafficker)(died on season 4 but frequently is shown in fantasy sequences)
The Carver (Serial rapist and mutilator...was later found out to be Quinten and Kit who would appear together and was never stopped in the long run of things)
Grace Santiago (Psychiatrist from season 1)
Other (Ha, I tried to think of them all for you, but I have this just in case)
OK so here are a few ideas for plots I could think of that would be alright in my eyes. Tell me if any of these seem worth it and could be made as plot ideas for the movie?...or for the sake of the show adding on to the shows story line?
Michelles character never got closure so they could bring her back to explain what all took place and why she was "lying" to christian...explain what really happen to make things go wrong there...
Bring Ava back to rattle the cages some...she could stir up feelings with Matt again and lead the team of Julia/Sean/Christian to come together finally again and work together to bring her down for good...maybe even kill her off?
Have a plot line that involves killing someone major other than the main characters of Sean and Christian off...maybe kill off Julia, Matt, Kimber, or even Liz? They have threatened to kill all of them off at one point or another...why not actually do it this time!
Bring the Carver back to finish the job! Start subtle in the background of things and then do an all out attack on Sean and Christian...maybe actually take a hand this time instead of teasing? Or Christian and Sean could finally do something like kill them off...show their brutal sides that are no better than Quintens and Kits! Do it Scream style!
Bring Gala Gallardo back. We already know she is as if not more brutal than her husband Escobar so why not have her play as big as a role as Escobars was? Have her come back for Liz's other kidney!
Combine this show with another show. For instance have it oddly combine with something like CSI or House or even 90210...lol...
Nah try something else
How would you like the show series to end?
Season is my favorite season of Nip/Tuck!
Is Nip/Tuck any different in its moral dilema than drama movies like Cruel Intentions, Rules of Attraction, or Running With Scissors?
In some areas yes, and no in others
Overall I would rank Nip/Tuck . (1 being bad and 10 being the best).
The worst season of Nip/Tuck is .
The worse plot of Nip/Tuck they ever did was what?
Does this poll show I have too much time on my hands? lol...
How was my poll? Any suggestions or add ons?
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