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Sexting is a recent phenominon fast gaining popularity. What are your views and experiences on the subject?
Have you ever sent or received a sextext?
Guys: What are you willing to show in a sextext?
Bare chest
Bare back
Underpants front
Underpants rear
Bare bottom
Full frontal nudity
Girls: What are you willing to show in a sextext?
Bra straps
Bra from back
Bra from front
Bare back
Bare boobies
Panties back
Panties front
Bare bottom
Full frontal nudity
When I sextexted a picture of myself, I...
Sent it my boy bf or gf
Sent it to several people
Posted it online for everyone to see
Felt naughty
Felt sexy
Looked for replies
Was very excited
Was a little afraid I'd get into trouble
When I received a sextext, I...
Looked it, then erased it
Looked at it and saved it
Forwarded it to friends
Posted it online
Got that turned on feeling down south
Have you, or has anyone you know ever got into trouble sexting, either sending or receiving?
Yes -- bf or gf got mad
Yes -- parents found out
Yes -- Got arrested for porn
Yes -- got cell phone confiscated
Yes -- got a bad nick-name
Did any good come to you from texting?
Yes -- got closer to bf/gf
Yes -- got new bf/ck
Yes -- Got more popular
Yes -- got a "bad" reputation
Yes -- got sexual thrill
This poll was created on 2009-03-11 01:43:29 by warmthinwinter