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Would you worship a God who?

Would you worship a God who? Didn't speak to you directly instead, choosing third party intermediaries and miraculous events?
Yes. Faith is more important than a direct conversation.
Yes but my God also speaks to me directly.
No. I believe but don't worship.
No. I have no faith in the abstract.
I don't know what to believe.
This is just a stupid question.
Would you worship a God who? Could not or would not prevent the suffering of innocents?
Yes. Faith is more important than judging God's actions or inaction.
Yes. God is battling evil every day we just can't see it or it is indirect.
Yes. The suffering of innocents in this life will increase their rewards in the next life.
No. God made us and should protect all of us.
No. It makes no sense that a loving God would allow such suffering.
I'll have fries with that. What up?
Would you worship a God who? Is vengeful and fear inspiring not loving and compassionate?
Yes. God can be both.
Yes. God doesn't need to be loving and compassionate to exist and be worthy of worship.
Yes. I would be too scared not to worshiping a God like that.
No. A God like that is not worthy of my worship.
No. That doesn't sound like God.
Super-size me. Get on to the next question.
Would you worship a God who? Has worshipers who believe violence or other extreme actions are a necessary part of protecting their faith?
Yes. So called fanatics have been called as soldiers in God's army.
Yes. God granted us freedom of choice and he isn't responsible for extremism.
Yes. God is not responsible for extremism. It's the tool of evil/the devil.
No. I would expect my God to be more proactive in controlling evil within the ranks of believers.
No. That God is not worthy of my worship.
Religion, Politics, who cares? What's your next lame question?
Would you worship a god who? Taught love and compassion, ensured you had what you needed spiritually, emotionally and physically, promised you an eternity in a better place as long as you were worshipful and obedient, even if that was only promised to those like you who had faith in one specific religion?
Yes. The reward of faith, obedience and worship should be a better afterlife than non-believers.
Yes. That is my God.
Yes. I was born into my religion as planned by my God and thus deserving.
No. Everyone who is good and true to humanity should be saved no matter what their belief system.
No. Specific religious sects/doctrines don't represent the true God.
If Jill travels at 50mph in an easterly direction and Fred travels northerly at 100mph, how long will it take to get to the next question?
Would you worship a God who? Expected you to persecute or kill others who were non-believers?
Yes. Only the faithful deserve compassion.
Yes. Freedom of choice means there is no excuse for not believing in the true religion/God.
Yes. Anything done in the name of God is for the greater good.
Yes. But only in the most extreme circumstances.
No. That's not God, that's the Devil.
No. My God doesn't ask that of me.
This is getting depressing. Are we nearly finished?
Do you think this poll was designed to get specific results?
Yes. You are obviously an atheist determined to push your agenda.
Yes. You are obviously a religious fanatic trying to prove a point.
Yes. Though I don't know what or why .
No. Your obviously your just very curious about peoples religious beliefs.
No. It looks like you just had time to kill and no real plan.
This forum is full of raving lunatics. Why should you be any different?
This poll was created on 2009-03-15 22:36:52 by bigpallooka