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The New Prophecy

Who is the best River Clan Leader?
Leopard Star
Crooked Star
Who is the best Thunder Clan leader?
Fire Star
Blue Star
Who is the best Shadow Clan leader?
Black Star
Tiger Star
Who is the best Wind Clan warrior?
Tall Star
One star
What is the best clan?
Thunder Clan
Sky Clan
Shadow Clan
Lion Clan
River Clan
Wind Clan
Blood Clan
Tiger Clan
Star Clan
Who is the best deputy
Tiger Claw
Gray Stripe
Lion Star
Mud Claw
Leopard Fur
Who is the best warrior in the forest?
Fire Heart
Bramble Claw
Tiger Star
One Star
Gray Stripe
Tawny Pelt
Who is better?
Gray Stripe
Fire Heart
Raven Paw
Which is your favorite book in the whole series?
Mid Night
Forest of Secrets
Darkest Hour
Moon Rise
If my book ever gets published will you read it its called Hunters Sun Rise
This poll was created on 2009-04-04 22:31:53 by Crooked Star