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Gunge fun for a good friend's birthday!

I am a 23 year old girl who is going to take 21 year old male friend for a gunge sesison at the following place: www.messmistress.com. I have been gunged myself, but would like your input on how he should be gunged!
Are you
What should he wear for part of the gunging?
My underwear
Elegagent dress
My underwear and tights
Should he be tied up?
How could you be so cruel!
Hands only
Feet only
Hands and feet
Should he be gagged and blindfolded for a part of it too?
How could you be so cruel!
Blindgolded (With a pair of tights)
Gagged (With a pair of tights)
What gunge should be used?
Rice pudding
I have a few ideas on a few ways he could be gunged - it's only an hour session so i think we will only get two or three in.
Swimsuit filling
Get things out of bowls of gunge with teeth before gunged with them
Just pour it over his squirming body!
Gunge questionnaire where gunge is the consequence of a wrong answer
Knicker filling
I wanna have a punishment in store for non-compliance, what should this be?
How should he feel during the gunging
He's helpless - squirming before his mistress
He will absolutely hate it
No squirming, he's loving it and feels totally within his comfort zone
Out of his comfort zone
Any other ideas or suggestions?
This poll was created on 2009-04-25 10:31:14 by SUPERS