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due to crisis, what would you like to save?

Are others saving the way you are? this survey is an important input for a research in TU Delft, the Netherlands on design of cities in relation with prosperity.
What is the most important element that you must have, in order to be able to say you are prosperous enough?
a lot of money
beautiful house
having servants
abundance of food
having free time
Which will be the most important facilities for your life, if you have to make priorities?
education facilities/ schools, universities, learning centers, library
religious facilities/ churches, mosques, viharas
health facilities/ sports center, gym, running tracks
leisure facilities/ beaches, resorts, playgrounds, parks
infrastructure/ roads, streets, bridges, railways
In times of needs, which expenditures will you be most willing to cut back in order to save money?
Do you like the idea of living in austere/ very basic condition in order to save money, but later to be able to spend it on something you really need/ desire?
What best describes your age?
below 18
above 40
Your Nationality
This poll was created on 2009-06-03 21:29:44 by D Suryawinata