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Age of Conan 1.05 Update - Classes (Overall satisfied?)

I have had alot of requests for a poll specific to classes. Here ya go! Thanks for voting!
Are you satisfied w/ your class, and its changes after 1.05 Update to Age of Conan?
Conqueror - YES
Conqueror - NO
Tempest of Set - YES
Tempest of Set - NO
Barbarian - YES
Barbarian - NO
Assassin - YES
Assassin - NO
Priest of Mitra - YES
Priest of Mitra - NO
Herarld of Xotil - YES
Herald of Xotil - NO
Dark Templar - YES
Dark Templar - NO
Bear Shaman - YES
Bear Shaman - NO
Necromancer - YES
Necromancer - NO
Demonologist - YES
Demonologist - NO
Guardian - YES
Guardian - NO
Ranger - YES
Ranger - NO
This poll was created on 2009-06-30 17:36:09 by Valorstrike