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SW vs LotR vs HP 231

A poll about the similarities between Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. There is another poll like this one; The 231 is to distinguish the two. This poll covers the similarities not covered in that one.
Of the three Dark Lords, which is the hardest to kill?
Emperor Palpatine
Lord Voldemort
In spite of this, which do you think was killed most easily in the end?
Who is the most powerful major villain that gets killed in the first installment?
Darth Maul
Professor Quirrell
Which of these would you least rather fall victim to?
The Sarlacc (slowly digesting over a thousand years)
Shelob (giant spider, really only applies to those who hate spiders)
A Dementor (Dementor's kiss, sucks your soul out, worse than dead)
Which "prequel" protagonist is the best good guy?
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Bilbo Baggins
Who gets the best death scene?
Favorite type of ghost?
Force ghost
The Dead
Which is the best way for the older character to return?
Obi-Wan returning as a Force ghost
Gandalf surviving his fall
Dumbledore appearing in the portrait (and in the "King's Cross" otherworld place)
Which of these "deleted death scenes" would you have liked to see?
General Veers being killed when Hobbie crashed his damaged fighter into the cockpit of Veers's Imperial Walker (Empire Strikes Back)
Uglûk's death at the hands of Éomer
Barty Crouch Jr. getting kissed by a Dementor (I know this isn't considered a death, but Harry Potter films have been quite loyal to showing death scenes and this is the closest we ever get to an omitted death)
Which was the most cunning trick?
Darth Vader tricking Luke into thinking that Han and Leia were being tortured on Cloud City
Voldemort tricking Harry into thinking that he was torturing Sirius in the Department of Mysteries
Favorite character portrayed by Christopher Lee?
Count Dooku
Favorite character portrayed by Warwick Davis?
Favorite villain that is not directly aligned with the main villain, but still pretty evil?
Jabba the Hutt
Smaug (from The Hobbit)
Dolores Umbridge (though she does kinda work for him in Deathly Hallows)
Which instance of "not killing him when he had the chance" was more useful in the end?
Obi-Wan not killing Anakin on Mustafar
Bilbo not killing Gollum in the cave
Harry stopping Sirius and Lupin killing Wormtail
Which is the darkest power?
The dark side
The One Ring
The Unforgivable Curses
Which is the bigger twist?
Darth Vader being Luke's father
Gollum causing the destruction of the Ring when Frodo takes it for himself
The typical Harry Potter twist (Quirrell being after the Stone and not Snape, Wormtail being Voldemort's follower and not Sirius, etc.)
Which had the biggest differences between books and films?
Star Wars
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Which of these was the best death scene?
Princess Leia killing Jabba the Hutt
Éowyn killing the Witch-King of Angmar
Mrs. Weasley killing Bellatrix Lestrange
Which is the biggest prophecy?
That Anakin, the Chosen One, will destroy the Sith
That Aragorn will become king of Gondor
That Harry is the Chosen One, and will either kill Voldemort or be killed by him
Which is the strongest defense for the dark lords?
Palpatine's knowledge of the Force
Sauron's Horcrux (the One Ring)
Voldemort's six (seven) Horcruxes
Which is the biggest weakness of the dark lords?
Palpatine's overconfidence
Sauron's idiocy
Voldemort's neglectivity of important details
Which was the best final battle?
The Battle of Endor
The Battle of the Black Gate
The Battle of Hogwarts
This poll was created on 2009-07-07 22:20:57 by Ghostkaiba297