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modest clothing (tzniut)

This poll is directed specifically towards modest women of all faiths. It addresses the manner of clothing, the amount of coverage, the suitable age to begin dressing modestly and raising daughters to be modest.
What is your religion?
Atheist or agnostic.
Do you dress modestly?
Yes, all the time.
Yes, whenever I leave the house.
Yes, if there are non-related men around.
Yes, sometimes.
If yes, why do you dress modestly?
I do so because my faith requires it.
I do so because it dignifies women to be modest.
I do so because I don't want to be judged by my physical appearance.
I do so because I don't like to be looked at by strange men.
I do so because of family or social pressure.
I do so because I am forced by my husband or family.
I do not dress modestly.
Do you enjoy dressing modestly?
Yes, sometimes.
Do you think all women should dress modestly?
Yes, it's for their own good, even if they can't see it at first.
Yes, it's good for society's moral fabric.
Yes, but they should in no way be forced, but rather educated or presented with the possibility.
No, except in certain cases, such as in holy sites, places of worship, formal occasions, or in places where modesty is the norm and they are therefore expected to adhere to the rules. If you've chosen this option, please list which of the above applies in your opinion:
Let's move on to the manner of your modesty. Do you wear pants or skirts\dresses?
Ankle-length skirts.
Ankle-length skirts, with socks or pants underneath sometimes. If you've picked this option, please explain why: Added modesty, protection against cold, or a different reason?
Below the knee skirts with socks.
Below the knee skirts without socks.
knee-length skirts with socks.
knee-length skirts without socks.
Below the knee skirts with pants underneath.
knee-length skirts with pants underneath.
Pants, as long as they are long enough.
Pants, but only inside the house or if there are no non-related men around.
How long do you wear your sleeves?
About half-way to my elbows. It's enough that my shoulders are covered.
A little above my elbows.
A bit below my elbws, so that they are covered at all times.
3/4: about half-way between my elbows and my wrists.
All the way to my wrists.
All the way to my wrists, plus gloves for added modesty.
Where do you place your neckline?
I have no problem with showing cleavage.
I make sure there is no cleavage, but otherwise a relatively low neckline.
I wear a high neckline, even if it doesn't quite reach my collarbone. If the top I've picked doesn't meet my stadard, I will wear a high-necked shirt beneath it.
I cover my collarbone. If the top I've picked doesn't meet my stadard, I will wear a high-necked shirt beneath it.
I cover my neck.
Do you use layering to achieve your level of modesty?
Never or almost never.
Do you cover your hair? Does it depend on your marital status?
I cover my hair and my marital status makes no difference.
I cover my hair now that I am married.
I will cover my hair if and when I get married.
I don't cover my hair and don't intend to.
If you cover your hair or intend to do so: how much of it do you cover?
All of it. If you commit to doing something, you may as well do it right.
Almost all of it. Modesty doesn't depend on a showing a few strands of hair.
Most of it. I don't want to appear too conservative.
Some of it. I've already made my statement in wearing a headcovering, so there's no point in going further.
How long is your hair? Does it give you problems when you cover?
Very short hair (none to ears). Please elabote if it gives you problems:
Short hair (ears to shoulders). Please elabote if it gives you problems:
Medium length (shoulders to midback). Please elabote if it gives you problems:
Long hair (midback to waist). Please elabote if it gives you problems:
Very long hair (below the waistline). Please elabote if it gives you problems:
What type of headcovering do you use?
A scarf, hijab style (complete coverage so that only the face is left exposed).
A scarf, tichel style (the hair itself is covered, but not the neck).
A bandanna.
A snood.
A hat.
A wig.
Do you cover you face?
Yes, sometimes.
If you have a daughter or if you ever have one, how important is it to you that she dresses modestly (according to your standards)?
Very important.
Important, but I will accept her choice if she chooses not to dress according to my standards of modesty.
I would like her to, but I will leave the option up to her.
Not that important at all.
At what age do you think a girl should start dressing modestly?
When she's 3-10 years old, so that she grows up accustomed to dressing modestly.
When she's 10-12, when she learns to understand how and why modesty is important.
When she's 12-15, at the age of puberty.
When she's 15-18, when (normal) interest of the opposite sex first begins.
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