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Ghost Trappers Giveaway

I would like to start by extending my gratitude to all of those who have donated to my giveaway. You have done a great thing in supporting your fellow Trappers. You are truly the blood that flows through the veins of this event. During the past few weeks the giveaway has shown a lot of promise and success. However, I would like to propose a change to the way I have been doing things with my giveaway. My proposal is simple. I think that we can afford to sell some of the more common giveaway items at a discounted rate in order to bring in some more rarities. For example, I currently have nearly 60 copies of IG.1. Who here has never had a copy of this? Who would rather receive, say, a SAW contract or something of that sort? Anyways, that is my idea. Please feel free to vote using the link below. I will not make this change without your approval. Your input is very important!
It is okay for me to sell some of the more common items that have been donated to the giveaway in order to purchase some higher-end, rarer items to give out?
This poll was created on 2009-11-09 04:23:08 by ccurrier