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Bordom at work (ladies only)

When you are bored at work do you
Hi, You are sitting at your work station and are bored. Do you...
Look for more work to complete
go on to the internet
email your friends
Go onto facebook / twitter / etc
Just stare at your screen
The boss walks in...do you
pick up a piece of paper and pretend to look busy
Lean forward and start typing jibberish on the screen
Always leave a work related item minimised on the screen so you can look busy straight away
The boss is okay so not change what you are doing
Stand up and move somwhere else so you look busy
How much time do you think you spend doing polls like this and other non related work
A few minutes per day
several minutes per day
up to 30 minutes
1 hour
1 - 2 hours
Do you enjoy your job
I really enjoy it
It is pretty good
It has it's moments
Not really
I hate it
What age group are you in please
16 - 19
20 - 25
26 - 31
32 - 38
39 - 45
46 - 53
54 - 60
What job do you do please
Are you at work right now
working from home
Do you ever play with or dangle your shoes when sitting or standing at work
All the time, i love doing it
Most of the time, i like doing it
sometimes, depending on the shoes
If you do and are interested there are a couple of other polls on the subject. I would be happy if you had the time to fill one in please. Please type shoeplay or shoe dangling into the search box. Thank you for your time
This poll was created on 2009-12-05 09:28:39 by stocktaker