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hungry, growling stomach

heyo, im Marcus. im 13 yrs old and my stomach growls alot. it growls the most in the morning when it wants breakfast (its the most important meal of the day. screw!). it growls when im waiting for my 1:00 lunch at school. unfortunately thats during math (and science), the quietest part of the day, but I hate it enough to stop them from coming. very seldom it growls at night before dinner. im not really thinking about wanting food then. so now, tell me about your stomach.
how loud is your stomach when it growls?
rumbly and loud
somewhat loud
somewhat quiet
gurgly and quiet
even I cant hear it
do you rub your belly when its hungry and you dont want it to growl?
why would I do that??
where does your stomach growl? where would you prefer it NOT to growl?
do you like it when anime stomach growls?
oh yes
its tolerable
I hate it
does your stomach growl when you dont want it to and doesnt when you want it to?
what do you do when your stomach growls?
describe your stomach. thin and sexy, fat and jolly, what?
anything else about your stomach?
This poll was created on 2010-02-04 02:57:28 by its empoleons pie