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Why you keep Java Sparrows?

Some people keep Java Sparrows (also known as Java Finches and Rice Birds) because breeding them is a hobby or business. So they are very interested in their genetics, types, breeding habits, etc. Other people keep Java Sparrows as pets, because they are cute, friendly and very social and like to play with people. We'd like to know why you keep Java Sparrows!
Why do you keep Java Sparrows? Please check all that apply.
Because they are cute and friendly and make nice pets.
Because I breed them for a hobby or business.
None of the above.
Do you hand-tame any of your Java Sparrows?
No, and I am not interested in doing so.
No, but I would like to try and do that.
Do you try and socialize with your Java Sparrows regularly?
No, but I would like to.
No, and I am not interested in doing so.
This poll was created on 2010-03-04 23:45:00 by douglerner