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Random Anime Poll

I'm bored...so I'm making a poll
If you were to turn into any kind of weapon, what weapon would it be?
A Giant Shuriken
Which of these characters would most likely to work with if you want to rule the world?
L (One of the most smartest characters of all of animes, hes just awsome, he could work with almost anyone, and he could actually rule the world due to his unique solving methods)
Itachi Uchiha (Mangenkyo Sharingan, he's my favorite Naruto character, who doesn't?, I guess he could work with anybody. I don't this the great Itachi is THAT powerful to rule the world, but his mind is a little similar to L's)
Light Yagami (He has the Death Note, and he was close enough to actually changing the world)
Lelouch Lamperouge (Geass, he's another smart one and another of my favorites. He did rule the world for a short period of time T_T)
Kenpachi Zarakai (Two words...Epic Ownage. He could just take off his eye patch and you feel like you got hit by a nuke. Teamwork is not an option though.
Cell (I'm not really a huge fan of DBZ, but, he could destroy the Earth in any day. Teamwork isn't that good too, he'll probably just kill you if you join him)
Other People I forgot to mention...
Pirates OR Ninjas?
You just died...what do you do now?
Go to heaven
Go to the spirit world and fight evil demons with your finger as an energy pistol
Wait for a hundred years and become a vampire with demonic powers
Wait for a princess named Hime and gives you her blood, then you turn back to life
Become a target practice for the Brittanian goverment
Itachi vs Aizen
They will both die
Would you rather have a Death Note or Geass? Why?
What Battle would you most likely want to see?
Naruto vs Luffy
Light vs Lelouch
Itachi vs Aizen
Gaara vs Edward Elric
You randomly got into a fight with an angry Goku...what will you do?
TRY to be friends with him (3% chance this will work)
FIGHT...be a legend and fight the best of the best
Try to run away (0.000456% chance this will work)
Pray that a Death Note will fall from the sky...most likely won't work
You just figured out that you are made out of rubber, talk to ghosts, fire spirit blasts from your finger, you have a demon inside of you, you have a giant robot in your garage, your left eye turns pink and everyone starts doing what you say, have a sword strapped to your back, and a Death Note in your back pocket...what will you do if you only have those for today?
What is your favorite anime?
This poll was created on 2010-03-20 06:08:38 by AkatsukiDeathSoul