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sonic x season 4 :)

should there be a sonic x season 4?
I don't like sonic
what's sonic x?
What do you think of this summary I made up for sonic x season 4? Silver and Blaze come and tells sonic and his freinds that something bad is going to happen. (apparently it's like the game sonic the hedgehog 2006) accept Silver tells Tails that cosmo is still alive and will come back. The bad thing thats going to happend is that sonic is going to turn into a werehog and the world is going to pieces (like the game sonic unleashed) and more stuff( it's pretty much every sonic game made but in a anime show type of way).
It's awsome!!!!!!!!yes!!!!!!!!!
I don't like it
Do you think Espio the cameleon should have a girlfriend in this season?
Yes he's lonely!
He dosen't need a girlfriend
Ninjas don't date
he at least needs someone to be with instead of being annoyed by vector and charmy
Should Chris come back?
Yeah sure
He gets in the way
At least in one or two of the episodes
Last but not least what characters should be in sonic x season 4?
Sonic duh
Amy Rose
Cream the rabbit
Knuckles the echidna
Shadow the hedgehog
Rouge the bat
Cosmo the seederain
Silver the hedgehog
Blaze the cat
Big the cat
Vector the crocadile
Espio the cameleon
Charmy bee
Tikal the echidna
Marine the raccoon
Chip/ Light Gaia with Sonic as a werehog
Jet the hawk
Wave the swallow
Storm the albatross
Shade the echidna
Manic and Sonia (sonic's bro and sis)
Vanilla the rabbit
metal sonic
Billy hatcher
Alex Kidd
This poll was created on 2010-04-16 01:04:39 by eloy120