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Who is your favourite Corleone?

In the Godfather trilogy, the Corleone family are the most powerful mafia family. Yet, they all have different personalities. Vito, head of the family in the first film, is calm but committed a series of murders in order to become Don. Sonny, the eldest son, has a violent temper and this clouds his reasoning, but he has a caring attitude towards his siblings. He is my second favourite. Fredo, the middle son, is weak, imcompetent and is willing to betray his brother to a rival family. He is my least favourite. Michael, the youngest, has both brains and brawn but he has a cold hearted side. He is my personal favourite. Connie, the youngest and only girl in the family, was the spoiled one who initially disapproved of the criminal activities committed by the family. By the time of the third film, however, she is more active in the family business. Who is your favourite member?
Who is your favourite Corleone?
Sonny (Santino)
This poll was created on 2010-04-22 09:04:08 by Floyd Pinkerton