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What is your opinion of the Futurama character Zoidberg?
Do you know who Zoidberg is?
How does Zoidberg compare to the other Futurama characters?
Futurama? "The Zoidberg show", I say.
He's easily my favourite character.
He's one of the more funny characters.
Same as the others...
He's a bit irritating.
I can't stand him!
I'm sorry, Zoidberg who?
Do you think Zoidberg is crazy?
Don't care
Do you wish other lobsters were like Zoidberg?
Don't care
Would Zoidberg be as funny if he wasn't a lobster?
No way! Lobster == funny!
Slightly less funny, talking lobsters are cool
About the same
He'd be a bit more funny
He'd be a lot more funny! I hate talking animals!
Phone the SPCA now!
Don't care
This poll was created on 2001-10-19 12:09:11 by palaste