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Movie Fights

If these movie character/s and/or things battled, who would win?
Millenium Falcon vs the Enterprise from Star Trek?
Millenium Falcon
The Enterprise
Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees?
Michael Myers
Jason Voorhees
The Death Star vs the Borg?
The Death Star
The Borg
Batman vs Kickass?
The Joker vs Mister Spock?
The Joker
Mister Spock
Iron Man vs Boba Fett?
Iron Man
Boba Fett
Jay and Slient Bob vs Harold and Kumar?
Jay and Silent Bob
Harold and Kumar
James Bond vs. Rambo?
Spiderman vs Freddy Krueger?
Freddy Krueger
Hannibal Lechter vs. Jigsaw?
Hannibal Lechter
This poll was created on 2010-05-10 12:35:03 by SusanMcElroy