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I spank my children.(What of it?)

I have been reading the messages in misterpoll's spanking polls.I can't believe the stupidity of most of the people who are against spanking.I am further amazed at the hostile attitude and malicious sarcasm of these same people.I thought that most misterpoll users are Americans.It appears that I was wrong.I am raising my children correctly.If they think they can intimidate me, they've come to the wrong poll.-Marie-
I spank my children.What are you going to do about it?
applaud me for being a good mother
post obnoxious messages
ignore me and forget about it
When I spank my children with a belt, I sometimes miss the buttocks, landing on the legs, arms, or back.What do you think will happen if this continues?
absolutely nothing
it will kill them
If you post obnoxious messages, what will you do in them?
accuse me of being a sadomasichist
call me insane or stupid
use profanity
threaten to report me to Social Services
tell me I'm an unfit mother
create sarcastic dialogue
try to sound witty
accuse me of making poll just for fun
This poll was created on 2001-10-19 04:18:10 by MPC2711317088