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Tobi + Deidara's Random Akatsuki Quizickle

Who's the retard of the Akatsuki
Kisame (I'm a fish and I drink tea :D)
Hidan (masochist)
Pein (God complex)
Sasori (puppet boy >:D)
Zetsu (Plant Boy!)
Konan (...no comment..)
Itachi (blindy)
Deidara (Girly man )
Kakuzu (money ho)
Tobi (=D)
Hidan is?
COOKIE FLAVOURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Draco Malfoy >:D
A decent bloke
Uke (haha)
Special =D
Obsessed with Konan
A pokemon fan (LOL)
Retarded... like in first question dumbass
A little bit random...
What would you do if Konan asked you out?
Killing spree time... now please!
.... What the hell would an anime character be doing in the real world? (but still yes)
Go red and mumble "yes"
*Evil thoughts*
What are your thoughts on Sasori?
He's ...okay... I suppose
He's a great guy
Stupid Red head
I really dont care
Hehehe Puppet boy *evil thoughts*
I dont like him!
What colour should Pein colour his hair?
Pink hah
Grey cus he'd look old =D
EVERY COLOUR OF THE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blue to piss Konan off :D
Black like the emo he really is
haha blonde to match his intellegence
Brown I dont care
Green because he's a freak (no offence Mr. Zetsu)
Deidara is??
Toooooooo blonde ..for his own good
A girl
If you met Itachi in real life you would?
Ask him out immediately on a date (and be very possessive)
Kidnap him and demand a ransom off Kakuzu (muahahahaha)
Ask to meet the other (remaining) Uchihas
Be his friend
Are you kidding he's a murderer I'd leg it!
Offer cookies =D
What do you think is Tobi's favorite out of the following?
Itachi's nail polish
Pein's hair gel
Sasori voodoo doll >:D
Kisame's sameheda
A leash for Deidara (lol)
Konan's flowers (to be used as paper airplanes)
Kakuzu's hidden money stash (for buying cookies)
Hidan's decapitated head (for conversation NOTHING ELSE)
Sasuke's innocence XD
All of the above =D
Why is Kisame blue?
His mum had an affair with a shark
He uses body paint
He's actually yellow
'Cus I told him too
Cus he's a smurf =D
I dont particularly care ¬.¬
Zetsu. Explain
Where's Kakuzu's secret money stash?
A place where no human can breathe (Tobi's sock drawer =D)
Where Hidan's brain should be! ... There's plenty of space
Here! *waves bag with dollar sign*
He only told me because were very 'close'. I aint telling you!
Under his bed duh!
Wouldn't you like to know....
What do you think of this quiz?
I forgot my tooth brush =D ..... Wait what?
Okay I suppose
I'm Ginger!!!
This poll was created on 2010-05-29 22:15:30 by ebtobi